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Welcome!Hello, my name is Nicole Eckman and I am thrilled to be part of your journey to better health. I am a Registered Dietitian with over 11 years of experience in integrative nutrition to help you achieve your goals. If you are overweight, feeling sluggish, tired, depressed, suffer from gastrointestinal discomfort, food allergies/sensitivities, high cholesterol, hypertension, or you just know that something is missing from your diet-- I can help! I provide nutrition consulting in person or via phone, email to both adults and children throughout the country. Please call today for a free 15 minute phone consultation.

I look forward to hearing from you!
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spacer"I came to Nicole after several incomplete stops and starts in addressing the source of my 3-year fatigue and weight gain. I was watching my health take a detour towards high inflammation, declining lab work results, and flickering motivation and hope.
spacerWithin 20 minutes of meeting with Nicole, she not only echoed a lot of the wisdom I had been told in the past, but she set forth a plan that would allow me to follow a steady path back to health. She reframed my journey as one that would involve as many as twenty stages, the first of which was to do a cleanse. I followed the cleanse and took the supplements and found myself feeling a bit more energetic and alive. The real work began after the cleanse, and with the perspective of attending to my health with a combination of curiosity and mindfulness. I became interested in and attuned to the impact of food choices on my body and my mind. With patience, persistence, and coaching from Nicole, I am experiencing the feelings of health. My mind is alive in a way that I haven't felt in almost 15 years. I feel like the veil between life and myself is lifting. As I work to tune my health, new opportunities arise and open up for me at work, within relationships, and in my personal journey.
spacerI am still early on this path. I know I wouldn't be where I am without Nicole's expertise, coaching, encouragement, and skillful selection of the right supplements. Nicole is helping me to experience and appreciate the power of clean, organic, healthy food as medicine. I highly recommend Nicole's services to anyone who is ready to live more vibrantly."

spacer"When I went to Nicole Eckman, I was in constant pain with heartburn and bloating. Over the past year, I was under the care of a GI specialist, had visited the ER twice and had over $40,000 of medical tests. After an upper GI scope, I was diagnosed with Barrett's esophagus and was on put on a very strong dose of Protonix. But, the medication did not completely eliminate the pain or discomfort throughout my abdomen, and no doctor could diagnose what had caused the Barrett's or the persistent pain. Their solution was to prescribe additional medications to mask the pain. Instead, Nicole worked to find the cause of my illness and tested me for food sensitivities. She determined that I was sensitive to several foods including fructose, a substance I would have never suspected. I went on a strict elimination diet, and within weeks, the pain and bloating was gone and I successfully decreased my dosage of Protonix.
Nicole respected that I am a vegetarian and customized my elimination diet according to my beliefs and preferences. She was available via email/phone for help between appointments and was very knowledgeable about the proper supplements my body needed to heal. The doctors helped save my life by diagnosing the Barrett's esophagus before it developed into cancer. But, Nicole helped save the quality of my life by determining the cause of my disease and treating it at its source." spacer-Valerie

spacerTo say that Nicole Eckman has changed our lives would be a gross understatement. My wife and I got a very good reference for Nicole from a close friend of ours and decided as the new year began to try something different to lose the weight we had been trying to lose for decades. I must admit I was hesitant and skeptical going into our first meeting with Nicole. I was not going to do the 3 week cleanse, maybe I'd do a week at most. It didn't take more than 15 minutes talking with her and understanding her simple no fad, no gadget approach that got me convinced to give the whole program a try. It has been ten weeks and I have lost 23 pounds and 5 % body fat and the most exciting change is that I am no longer on cholesterol medication. My wife has lost 15 pounds and over 5 inches and was thrilled to note that she had overall consistent weight loss in her legs, face, belly, butt, thighs, chest etc.
spacerFor the first time in many, many years we feel like food does not have control over our lives; we will always love good food and our social life will always evolve around food. It is great not to use the dreaded D word (diet) and we love saying and believing that we are allowed to eat anything we want (in reasonable portions of course) using Nicole's 80-20 rule. Because this is not a fad or a diet, it feels like we have changed how we eat and this is the way we will live and eat for the rest of our lives. Working together as a husband wife team has allowed us to give each other the support we need to be successful.
spacerNicole is a very personable and easy person to work with. Not only does she know nutrition well but she also takes a holistic approach to our well being. We trust her and feel we are in good hands and actually look forward to our meetings with her.spacer -Bob and Marcy

spacerMy husband and I are both overworked and stressed out attorneys who wanted to get in better health and lose some weight after years of long nights followed by lots of caffeine, not enough exercise and too much eating out. My husband's doctor advised him that his triglyceride count was dangerously high and his vitamin D levels were far too low. I struggled with GI issues for my entire life and actually came to believe that my symptoms (long periods of constipation, gas, etc...) might be "normal." We both explored different avenues for better health. My husband started a fish oil regimen and I took the advice of a physician who prescribed over the counter products such as MiraLax to alleviate my supposed "IBS." Both of us were unsuccessful in realizing any permanent changes. We sough Nicole's assistance and things changed dramatically. Nicole started us with a three week cleanse. After only three days, we felt younger, healthier and more energetic. Any cravings for sweets and carbs changed into an appetite for raw veggies. We lost weight - my husband around 20lbs and myself, 8. (Our weight loss continued after the cleanse - my husband lost 30 altogether and I lost about 15.) The most dramatic change was my husband's blood test results - his triglyceride count dropped by 1,000 points and his vitamin D reached healthy a level. My supposed "IBS" disappeared, my skin cleared up, my persistent post-nasal drip (which I previously believed to be the result of allergies lessened considerably). The headache I used to get around 3:00 pm every day at work disappeared - in fact, I rarely ever get amy headaches any more. We slept better and had more energy and desire to exercise. The cleanse and Nicole's regimen changed our lives for the better - permanently.
spacerNicole was patient and encouraging throughout the process. We were "difficult" patients, complaining initially about how we couldn't give up coffee or alcohol and were skeptical that 21 days could make any lasting difference. Nicole's expertise and thoughtfulness throughout the process were incredible and, I believe, crucial to our success. I tell all my friends and family about our experience - I actually liken it to a religious conversion! We are believers! Before Nicole, we sought the assistance of modern medicines which treated our symptoms but overlooked the real cause of our problems - food, and didn't get any lasting results. Nicole has opened our lives to an amazing and rewarding way of living - healthy, organic eating. Meals require a little more thoughtfulness and preparation, but the result is worth it. I would highly recommend Nicole to anyone. I cannot overstate what a dramatic and wonderful impact she has had on our lives. Thank you, Nicole!!